God’s Will

God's will comes first. I have my career plan set out and I'm taking the right steps towards it. Yet, if it's gods will to lead me in a different direction. So be it.  Lately, I've sensed God moving me into spending more time with him through prayer, fellowship, reading and meditating on his word. ... Continue Reading →


To Be Honest

To be honest, at times I get anxious cause I see the banquet but can't yet taste it, To be honest, I know all about time wasted, To be honest, I've met men who never faked it to make it, To be honest, certain memories always come back and I can't erase them,  To be... Continue Reading →


In Boxing, one of the most important strategies is the continual movement. The minute you lower your hands and stop moving is the moment you let down your guard. So it is in life!  When you stop moving you give entrance to distraction. This doesn't mean you move without direction. You move with an end... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of Mine

They say I gotta fight to get to,  To be honest I rather sit back and enjoy view,  Life of a mule is not for me,  I don't wanna die rich when I'm forty,  Sporty, but not caught up in games,  Caged but never tamed,  Those who said they'd never leave never came,  One in... Continue Reading →

Momentary Joy

​Had a conversation with this man not too long ago. He talked about God and the way everyone thinks their ideas and beliefs are the truth. He shared about his love for his guitar. Overall, he was a man of few words, yet, his aura spoke volumes. I sensed his emotion. I sensed his passion... Continue Reading →

New Year

Entering the new year, Fear is no longer an obstacle,  Comfort zones are optional,   The living road for me is optimal, Lock and load,   Zoned in on construction mode,  ‎builder like bob,   ‎yahweh yireh, making moves with God,  ‎ network building blocks,   ‎talks with Jeshua about feeding flocks, Neighborhood city ‎docks overflow with imported goods,... Continue Reading →

Waves of Life

Unfortunately, the waves of life are inevitable. No matter how much you try to avoid troubled waters they will come.  Question is, how will you deal with them?  Two choices: 1)  Learn to ride the waves. 2) Allow the waves to overcome you. In other words, will you use your struggles and circumstances to your... Continue Reading →


​Love, a word most seem to shun away from. Especially, us men.  Personally, through observation, I was taught love and masculinity didn't mix. Our home had love and affection roaming around but not too much.  Years later, I'm starting to realize how important love really is. No matter how much I try to block it... Continue Reading →

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